Adele ’25’ becomes the fastest selling album of all time.

Posted on Nov 29 2015 - 1:58am by Louievreveals


It’s official! Adele has sold 3.3 million albums in the US in her first week. This is the biggest week sale in US history. Adele has officially broken the 15 year record held by N’sync ‘No Strings Attached’, which sold over 2.41 million back in May 2000. Adele also broken the digital album record held by Beyonce for her self titled album ‘BEYONCE’. Adele sold over 1.5 million digital albums, breaking Beyonce’s Guinness World Record of 800k sold in the first 3 days.

Adele sold 800k albums in the United Kingdom, breaking Susan Boyle ‘I dreamed a dream’ record, which sold over 400k copies in 2009. Adele now has the biggest first week sales in the UK.

Adele sold over 300k albums in Canada, breaking Celine Dion ‘Let’s talk about love’, which sold over 230k back in 1997. Adele now has the biggest first week sales in Canada.

Adele also becomes the second artist to go #1 in over 100 counties in the world. Adele went #1 in over 119 countries, Beyonce was the first artist to go #1 in over 103 counties, One Direction went #1 in over 97 countries.

RIAA will soon certify Adele ’25’ 5X platinum in the US with over 3.6 million albums shipped and over 1.5 DIGITAL albums sold.

Congratulations to Adele Dixon on all of her accomplishments so far.

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