According to the Grammys, Beyonce & Adele BOTH won Song of the Year at the 59th Grammys

Posted on Sep 19 2017 - 9:34pm by Louievreveals

During the 59th Grammy’s eligibility year, it was clear as day who would be the top contenders for the Big 3 Grammy categories. It was Beyonce versus Adele. Everyone had their money on Beyonce due to her groundbreaking release of  her 6th #1 studio album, LEMONADE, which is the biggest album era ever. But the focus is on the lead singles for both albums. Adele released ‘Hello’ in October 2015 and Beyonce released ‘Formation’ in February 2016 just days before her sophomore performance at the Half-time superbowl.

Throughout the eligibility period, the world seemed divided between ‘Formation’ & ‘Hello’. Award show after award show, ‘Formation’ seemed to be walking home with every award from each show while Adele’s ‘Hello’ was just another nomination. During the 58th Grammy ceremony, as Beyonce and Adele waits in their seats and Celine Dion approaches the podium with the envelope of the winner. They both wait to see who the winner will be. Adele’s ‘Hello’ was deemed the winner and it was kind of expected due to (2) black women ever winning that award: Alicia Keys ‘Falling’ 2002 & Beyonce ‘Single Ladies (shoulda put a ring on it’ (2010). What immediately follows would even send Adele over the edge and becoming vocal about Beyonce’s lost to her in each of the big (3) categories.

Pictures have surfaced from the official website publishing that Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ & Adele’s ‘Hello’ were BOTH tied for SONG OF THE YEAR grammy win. Could this be a mistake, an error, a misunderstanding or did the Grammy’s pull an ‘oscar’ LaLaLand vs Moonlight move but only to sweep the mistake under the rug. Did the Grammy’s award Beyonce behind closed doors? The Beyhive needs answers.

Even if this is an error, we all know who should have took home the award. We are at the end of 2017 and approaching year 2 on both songs and everyone is STILL saying, ‘I SLAY’, ‘GET IN FORMATION’ and still eating at Red Lobster.

Take a look below and see for yourself.


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